"Joanna brings integrity, empathy and warmth to each class she leads.  She is a teacher who lives her yoga, moving through life with kindness, connection, and awareness, and generously sharing those seeds of wholeness and joy with her students.  A wonderful representation of yin and yang herself, she can guide through a sweaty Vinyasa class with a great soundtrack and fun flow, or take you deep into a Yin experience to release tension that has burrowed in deep.  Her skilled assists, gentle but effective, are such a treat too! " ~Checka, yoga instructor

"Joanna helped me find a way to relieve stress and relax when I never thought it was possible.  I had taken a few yoga classes and was concerned with not knowing the poses and terminology, but Joanna made me feel so comfortable while I started my yoga practices. After a few sessions with Joanna, I was more confident in myself and my practice. Even though I am recent beginner of yoga and I entered into yoga the objective of losing weight, thanks to Joanna, it has completely transformed into being something entirely different for me. I didn’t even think that a series of movements could have any impact on my body, relaxation and peace of mind." ~Cindy, yoga student

"After years of listening to Joanna talk so highly about yoga and its ability to relieve stress and provide grounding, I finally tried a class.  Her wealth of knowledge and patience makes her an amazingly inspiring teacher.  I am so glad to be able to share this passion with her now."  ~Chana, yoga student

"Joanna is just an amazing yoga teacher.  I am not sure I have the word to describe the serenity and peace she creates for her classes.  As soon as class begins you feel loved and supported.  I leave Joanna's classes feeling full of love and peace.  Thank you, Joanna, for sharing your beautiful spirit with all of us." ~Melissa, yoga instructor

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